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Enhance Climate Services from Space

Mitchell Goldberg, Wei Guo & Felix Kogan


NOAA Operational Oceanic Heat Content Product Suite

David Donahue, Eileen Maturi, Nick Shay, Jodi Brewster & Jerry Guo


Influence of Terrain Characteristics on Surface Radio Refractivity Variations over North Central, Nigeria

Ajileye O. O., Kolawole I. S. &

Alaga A. T.


Use Of Satellite Derived Data to Study the Characteristics of Thunderstorm Clouds in Kenya

Elisha Chanzu


Total Operational Weather Readiness - Satellites (TOWR-S) Project

Eric M. Guillot, Michael W. Johnson, Joesph K. Zajic,  R. Bradley Pierce, & Brian S. Gockel


Overview of the GOES-R HRIT/EMWIN System and Impacts to the User Community

John Stephen Britton, Andrew Krepps and Jonathan Terrell


Comparison of CloudSat and TRMM radar reflectivities

K. D. Sindhu, G. S. Bhat


R2-Whoa:  Challenges and solutions for executing best practices in transferring NOAA’s research to NWS operations

Jordan  Gerth


NOAA’s Joint Polar Satellite System’s Proving Ground and Risk Reduction Program – Bringing New Capabilities to Operations

Mitchell Goldberg & William Sjoberg


An analysis of the Dependence of Global Temperature Anomaly on Solar Activity and Carbon Dioxide Concentration

Kingsley Orisekeh


Operational implementation of the Linear Fit SO2 algorithm for use with S-NPP OMPS

Jianguo Niu, Zhihua Zhang, C. Trevor Beck, Lawrence Flynn & Kai Yang


New Metsat Display for National Weather Service Satellite Imagery

Robert Gillespie, Bill Bergen & Sterling Weems


The Argos Data Collection and Location System

Scott Rogerson


Assessment of GOES-R Product Potential Benefits using the NOAA Observing System Integrated Analysis II (NOSIA-II)

Louis Cantrell, David Helms, Robert Reining &

Aaron Pratt


Recalibration and merging of SSU observations for stratospheric temperature trend studies

Cheng-Zhi Zou, Haifeng Qian &

Likun Wang


Characterization of the Difference between Aerosol Retrievals from Multi-Sensors and AERONET

Jingfeng Huang, Hongqing Liu, Istvan Laszlo, Shobha Kondragunta, Lorraine A. Remer, Ho-Chun Huang, Hai Zhang, Stephen Superczynski, Maksym Petrenko, Brent N Holben, Robert C Levy, Ralph A  Kahn & Charles M Ichoku


Algorithm to Detect Dust and Smoke in Suomi-NPP VIIRS Imagery

Shobha Kondragunta & Pubu Ciren


Inter-calibration and validation of observations from modern satellite microwave humidity and temperature sounders

Isaac Moradi & Ralph Ferraro


Implementation of a network of ground stations via GOES purposes of early warnings of extreme hydroclimatic events in the Valle del Cauca - Colombia

Oscar Ramirez


Jpss-1 Science Data Product Verification And Validation: Pre-Launch To Post-Launch Plans

Murty G. Divakarla, Lihang Zhou, Xingpin Liu, Walter Wolf, Eric Gottshall, Janna Feeley, Tom Atkins, Robert Steadley & Ray Godin


Subtropical and Tropical Frontal Passages:  A Hawaii Perspective

Eric Lau & Jordan Gerth


Facilitating JPSS-1 algorithm development using EPL review process

Valerie Mikles, Kristina Sprietzer, Bigyani Das, Walter Wolf, Marina Tsidulko & Weizhong Chen


STAR Central Data Repository (SCDR): An Integrated and Effective Framework for Satellite Data Acquisition and Dissemination

Weiguo Han & Joseph Brust


Preparing for imagery from the next generation of geostationary imagers

Mathew M. Gunshor, Timothy J. Schmit, Kaba Bah, Joleen Feltz & Tom Rink


Direct Broadcast Software: CSPP and IMAPP Support for Operational Environmental Applications

Kathleen Strabala, Liam Gumley, Allen Huang, Graeme Martin, Scott Mindock, Ray Garcia, Nick Bearson, James Davies, Rebecca Cintineo, Elisabeth Weisz, Nadia Smith, Bill Smith Sr. & Brad Pierce


Advancement of Satellite-Imager Based Overshooting Top (OT) Decision Support Products

Kristopher Bedka, Konstantin Khlopenkov, Sarah Griffin & Christopher Velden


Adaptive Trending and Limit Monitoring Algorithm for GOES-R ABI Radiometric Parameters

Zhenping Li, David Pogorzala, Ken Mitchell & J.P. Douglas


Evaluating VIIRS Land Surface Albedo: Validation and Intercomparison

Dongdong Wang, Shunlin Liang, Yuan Zhou & Yunyue Yu


Assured Weather Satellite Information Delivery

Kerry Grant, Shawn Miller, Michael Jamilkowski & Shawn Cochran


Maintaining JPSS Product Quality

Kerry Grant, Wael Ibrahim, Kurt Brueske & Paula Smith


Rapid Algorithm Integration in the JPSS CGS

Kerry Grant, Shawn Miller & Michael Jamilkowski


Validation of JPSS S-NPP VIIRS Surface Type Environmental Data Record

Rui Zhang, Chengquan Huang & Xiwu Zhan


Innovating Accelerated Use of NOAA Satellite Data – The Development of Accelerator-based Models and Applications

Allen Huang, Bormin Huang, Jarno Mielikainen & Melin Huang


Comparison of Different Calibration Approaches in S-NPP CrIS Full Spectral Resolution Processing

Yong Chen, Yong Han, Likun Wang, Denis Tremblay, Xiaozhen Xiong, Xin Jin & Fuzhong Weng


Feasibility of FENGYUN-3B VIRR and METOP-B AVHRR to Detect Large Fires Based on TERRA & AQUA MODIS and SNPP VIIRS Measurements

Molina, V., Sanz, J., Salvador, P., García, M. & Casanova, J.L.


Research to Operations of New and Enhanced NESDIS Satellite Products

Stacy Bunin, Tom Schott & Bonnie Reed



NOAA's Operational Surface Temperature Products and their Applications

Eileen Maturi, John Sapper, Andy Harris, Jonathan Mittaz, Prabhat Koner, Alex Ignatov, ziaofang Zhu, Daniel Comarazomy & Jeehye Han


Improving Noah LSM Performance using Near Real Time Surface Albedo and GVF

Jifu Yin, Xiwu Zhan, Christopher R. Hain, Li Fang & Jicheng Liu


Evaluating the inter-FOV radiance difference of S-NPP CrIS Full Spectral Resolution Data Product

Xin Jin, Yong Han, Likun Wang, Denis Tremblay, Xiaozhen Xiong &  Fuzhong Weng


Physical retrieval of ocean surface wind speed and its application to Typhoon analysis using passive microwave satellite remote sensing

Sungwook Hong, Hwa-Jeong Seo & Sang-Jin Lyu


RGB product for convective clouds using COMS satellite

Sungwook Hong, Yuha Kim & Sang-Jin Lyu


Vertical structure of radar reflectivity in deep intense convective clouds over the tropics

Shailendra kumar & Dr. G.S. Bhat


NOAA/STAR S-NPP CrIS Full Spectral Resolution SDR Processing

Xiaozhen Xiong, Yong Han, Yong Chen,

Likun Wang, Denis Tremblay, Xin Jin & Lihang Zhou


Applications of GOES data in Brazil

Nelson J. Ferreira


Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Common Ground System (CGS) Multimission Support

Shawn W. Miller, Kerry D. Grant & Michael Jamilkowski


Improvements to Ensemble Tropical Rainfall Potential (eTRaP)

Robert J. Kuligowski, Stan Kidder, Liqun Ma, Robert Glassberg, Clay Davenport, Rachel Hatteberg, Mike Turk, Sheldon Kusselson & Beth Ebert


Evaluation of Lightning Detection Networks and Implications for GOES-R GLM

Scott D. Rudlosky & Douglas Kahn


Microwave sounder cloud detection using collocated high resolution imager and its impact on radiance assimilation in tropical cyclone forecast

Hyojin Han, Jun Li, Mitch Goldberg, Pei Wang, Jinlong Li, and Zhenglong Li


A Systematic Approach to Building and Maintaining NOAA's Climate Data Records (CDRs)

Daniel Wunder, C. Hutchins, X. Zhao & W. J. Glance


Adding a Mission to the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Common Ground System (CGS)

Shawn W. Miller, Kerry D. Grant, & Michael L. Jamilkowski


Level-2 Products in the CSPP-GEO Direct Broadcast Package

Geoff Cureton, Scott Mindock, Graeme Martin & Liam Gumley


Soumi NPP CrIS Radiometric Calibration Stability Assessment: A Perspective from Two Years’ Inter-Comparison with AIRS and IASI

Likun Wang, Yong Han, Xin Jin, Yong Chen, Denis Tremblay, Xiaozheng Xiao & Mitch Goldberg


Characteristics of Detected Salt Storms by AVHRR Sensor on Noaa Satellites From 2006 to 2014 in Argentina

Diana Rodriguez, Silvana Carina Bolzi & Inés Velasco


Impact of the satellite-derived inner core data on HWRF hurricane intensity forecasts

Qingfu Liu, Banglin Zhang, Xiaolin Xu, Fuzhong Weng & Vijay Tallapragada


The impact of the high temporal resolution GOES/GOES-R moisture information on severe weather systems in regional NWP model

Pei Wang, Jun Li, Yong-Keun Lee, Zhenglong Li, Jinlong Li, Zhiquan Liu, Tim Schmit & Steve Ackerman


NOAA/NESDIS Sounding Data Products from the Next Generation Of Satellites

Awdhesh Sharma


Precipitation Validation to support NOAA operational Products

J.J. Wang, S. D. Rudlosky & R. R. Ferraro


Extending the long-term data records of SO2 and NO2 with the SNPP OMPS Nadir Mapper

Kai Yang, Simon A. Carn, Cui Ge & Jun Wang


Using hyper-spectral sounding products to improve short-range forecasts in the Alaska Region

Ralph A. Petersen, Lee Cronce, William Line & Robert Aune


Infrared and Microwave Data Addition Observing System Experiment Impacts using the NCEP Global Forecast System

James A. Jung & Mitch Goldberg

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Assessment of J1 VIIRS Polarization Sensitivity Impacts on Sensor Data Records

Wenhui Wang, Changyong Cao & Aaron Pearlman


Rapid updates of NOx emissions to support NOAA ozone forecasting

Daniel Tong, Li Pan, Lok Lamsal, Pius Lee, Youhua Tang, Hyuncheol Kim, Min Huang, Ivanka Stajner, Lawrence Flynn, Shobha Kondragunta & Kenneth Pickering


Direct Broadcast and Stored Mission Data Behavior in Relation to CrIS Full Spectrum

Kevin Gross & Sean Lyons


Value-added Impact of Geostationary Hyperspectral Infrared Sounder on Storm forecasts – A quick regional OSSE demonstration

Zhenglong Li, Jun Li, Feng Zhu, Pei Wang, Timothy Schmit, Agnes Lim, Robert Atlas & Ross Hoffman


Evaluation of the VIIRS Risk Reduction Aerosol Optical Thickness Algorithm

Hongqing Liu & Istvan Laszlo


A near real time satellite data assimilation system at CIMSS for research and applications on using JPSS and GOES-R

Jun Li, Jinlong Li, Pei Wang, Hyojin Han &
Tim Schmit


Verifying NWP model analyses and forecasts using simulated satellite imagery

Thomas Blackmore, Roger Saunders & Simon Keogh





Vicarious validation of straylight correction for VIIRS Day/Night Band using Dome-C

Shi Qiu, Xi Shao, Changyong Cao & Wenhui Wang


GOES-R AWG Collocation Project Status

Greg Quinn, Bob Holz, Fred Nagle &
Ralph Kuehn


Facilitation of OMPS Dark Table Production Transition to GRAVITE by STAR Algorithm Integration Team (AIT)

Bigyani Das, Weizhong Chen, Kristina Sprietzer & Walter Wolf


Suomi NPP VIIRS Imagery Update

Don Hillger, Curtis Seaman, Steven Miller, Thomas Kopp, Ryan Williams & Gary Mineart


Investigating and monitoring the hurricane inner core structure with  retrieved temperatures from NPP ATMS

Banglin Zhang, Qingfu Liu, Vijay Tallapragada & Fuzhong Weng


Modeling Suomi-NPP VIIRS Solar Diffuser Degradation due to Space Radiation

Xi Shao & Changyong Cao


Latest developments related to the improvement of the operational NOAA VIIRS active fire product

Ivan Csiszar, Louis Giglio, Wilfrid Schroeder & Evan Ellicott





Towards Improving our Understanding on the Retrievals of Key Bio-physical Parameters from Space: the work done within the PREMIER-EO Project

Prashant K. Srivastava, George P. Petropoulos, Gareth Ireland, Matthew R. North & Crona Huges


Neural Network Technique for Gap-Filling of Satellite Ocean Color Observations for use in Numerical Modeling

Sudhir Nadiga, Vladimir Krasnopolsky, Avichal Mehra, Eric Bayler & David Behringer


Integrating Changes to VIIRS Vegetation Index Algorithm using Algorithm Development Library (ADL)

Qiang Zhao, Biganyi Das, Weizhong Chen, Marina Tsidulko, Valerie Mikles & Walter Wolf


Automated JPSS Products Processing of the Algorithm Development Library (ADL) by using Chain Run Scripts

Weizhong Chen, Bigyani Das, Kristina Sprietzer, Valerie Mikles, Marina Tsidulko, Yunhui Zhao, Qiang Zhao, Vipuli Dharmawardane & Walter Wolf


Accurate Data Flow Management Tool Facilitates Operational Stability and Risk Management in a Complex and Dynamic Science Processing Environment

Laura Ellen Dafoe & Jeffrey Hayden


Real-time Monitoring Land Surface Vegetation Phenology from VIIRS Observations

Xiaoyang Zhang, Lingling Liu & Yunyue Yu


The development of the GOES Early Fire Detection (GOES-EFD) system to reduce disaster vulnerability in America

Alexander Koltunov, Brad Quayle, Susan Ustin, Elaine Prins, Vince Ambrosia & Carlos Ramirez





Evaluate and constrain modeled ozone and its source contributions in the US using satellite trace gas observations

Min Huang, Kevin Bowman, Greg Carmichael, Meemong Lee, Dejian Fu, Tianfeng Chai, Daniel Tong, Pius Lee & Youhua Tang


VIIRS Boats, Lights, Fires and Flares

Chris Elvidge, Kimberly Baugh, Feng-Chi Hsu, Mikhail Zhizhin, Tilottama Ghosh


Development of the Visible Detector Assembly for the Flexible Combined Imager on MTG

James  Endicott, J. Pratlong, A. Pike, W. Hubbard, P. Jerram, A. Walker & D. Davies


Impact of AMSU Derived Hydrological Products on Merged Precipitation Products

Thomas M. Smith, Ralph R. Ferraro, Huan Meng & Wenze Yang


Developing VIIRS Ocean Color Products for Coral Reef Ecosystem Managers

Alan E. Strong, Menghua Wang, C. Mark Eakin, Eric Geiger, William Hernandez, & Maria Cardona


A Prototype Precipitation Retrieval Algorithm for Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS)

Yalei You, Nai-Yu Wang & Ralph Ferraro


Survey of OSPO Efforts to Improve Operational GOES Imagery

S. Hadesty, K. Ludlum, N. Sanders & C. Thomas


Production of Satellite Land Surface temperature dataset at STAR

Yunyue Yu, Yuling  Liu, Peng Yu, Yuhan Rao & Ivan Csiszar


Quality Assessment of Suomi NPP VIIRS Land Surface Temperature Product

Yuling Liu, Yunyue Yu, Peng Yu & Zhuo Wang





Addressing User Demands: Enhancing NOAA Coral Reef Watch’s Satellite Decision Support System for Coral Reef Managers

Erick F. Geiger, C. Mark Eakin, Gang Liu, Jacqueline L. De La Cour, Scott F. Heron, William J. Skirving, Alan E. Strong


Updates on the NESDIS Operational Blended TPW Products

Limin Zhao, Stanley Kidder, Sheldon Kusselson, John Forsythe, Andrew Jones , Ralph Ferraro, Clay Davenport, Vicky Lin & Stephen Quinn


GOES-R GRB direct readout at NWS National Centers

Harlan   Yates, Liz Nielsen & Allan Weiner


Comparison of Atmospheric Rivers depicted from satellite and NWP reanalysis

Wenze Yang & Ralph Ferarro


Use of Weather Satellite Data for Federal Aviation Administration Operations

Randall Bass & Steve Abelman


Testing of Emissivity Explicit Retrieval Algorithms for VIIRS Land Surface Temperature

Peng Yu, Yunyue Yu, Yuling Liu & Zhuo Wang


GOES-R Impact on NCEP Computing

James  Gundy, Gregg Kowalski, Bradley Brown-Bergtold & Allan Weiner


Monitoring and forecasting Dust Haze over West Africa using satellite imageries and Numerical Weather Prediction output

Abdou Adam Abdoul-Aziz Abebe, Abdelkrim Ben Mohamed, Ilboudo Goama  & Saley Diori



Suomi NPP VIIRS Reflective Solar Band On-orbit Radiometric Performance Assessment

Sirish Uprety & Changyong Cao



Improved Ground-Based Polarization Sensitivity Measurement Capability for Next-Generation Environmental Remote Sensing Systems

Aaron J. Pearlman, Frank Padula, Changyong Cao & Xiangqian Wu


Evaluation of Near Surface UAV Capabilities for the GOES-R Field Campaign

Francis Padula, Changyong Cao, Istvan Laszlo, Yunyue Yu & Steve Goodman


The Algorithm Workbench: Data-Driven Software for Ground Processing System Development, Test, and Operations

Alexander Werbos, David B. Hogan, Daniel Hunt, Erik Steinfelt & T. Scott Zaccheo


Volcanic Cloud Detection, Characterization, Alerting, and Modeling Applications for GOES-R

Mike Pavolonis, Justin Sieglaff & John Cintineo


Improved Engineering Analysis for GOES-R

Bruce Twambly


Integrating Changes to JPSS Cross-Track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) SDR Algorithm using the Algorithm Development Library (ADL)

Vipuli Dharmawardane,  Bigyani Das, Valerie Mikles & Walter Wolf


Preparing for GOES-R and JPSS at the Satellite Proving Ground for
Marine, Precipitation and Satellite Analysis

Michael J. Folmer, Joseph Sienkiewicz, James Clark, Hugh Cobb, Nelsie Ramos, David Novak, Andrew Orrison, Jamie Kibler, Scott Rudlosky, Steve Goodman & Mitch Goldberg


Use of JPSS ATMS and VIIRS data to Improve Tropical Cyclone Track and Intensity Forecasting

Galina Chirokova, Mark DeMaria, Robert DeMaria, John Knaff, Jack Dostalek & John L. Beven


Processing Himawari-8 Geostationary Satellite Data Using GOES-R Algorithms for Algorithm Continuity in Operations

Jonathan Wrotny, A. Li, H. Xie, M. Fan, R. Chen, T. Yu, S. Sampson, W Wolf, W. Straka, A. Heidinger & J. Daniels


Impact Analysis of LEO Hyperspectral Sensor IFOV size on the next generation NWP model forecast performance

Agnes Lim, Zhenglong Li, James Jung, Allen Huang, Jack Woollen, Greg Quinn,  FW Nagle, Jason Otkin & Mitch Goldberg


Using GOES Imagery as Pointing Truth for TEMPO Image Navigation and Registration

Kerrie Allen, James L. Carr, Brad Pierce, Joseph Fox-Rabinovitz, Norman Lo & David Zakar


On the Use of 1-Minute Satellite Imagery in the Storm Prediction Center

Bill Line


Improve volcanic ash simulation with Hybrid Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory (HYSPLIT) dispersion model by assimilating satellite observations

Tianfeng Chai, Alice Crawford, Barbara Stunder, Roland Draxler, Michael J. Pavolonis, and Ariel Stein


An Initial Comparison of NASA GPM Precipitation Products to NOAA operational Products

Ralph Ferraro, Nai-Yu Wang, Yalei You, Patrick Meyers & Huan Meng


The VIIRS Active Fire Data for Fire Management: 
A review of the Proving Ground and Risk Reduction (PGRR) Project efforts

Evan Ellicott, Ivan Csiszar, Wilfrid Schroeder, Louis Giglio & Chris Justice


High-resolution Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs) for application in high-impact weather events in the GOES-R era

Christopher Velden, Jaime Daniels, David Stettner, Steve Wanzong & Wayne Bresky


Evaluation of the impact of satellite radiance data within the hourly Rapid Refresh data assimilation system

Haidao Lin, Steve Weygandt, Ming Hu, Curtis Alexander & Stan Benjamin


Poster #




3D Printing with CLASS: Making Models for Education and Outreach Using Satellite Weather Imagery

Francis Reddy


Mapping Floods due to snowmelt and ice jam in Alaska Area using NPP VIIRS data

Donglian Sun, Sanmei Li, Bill Sjoberg & Mitch Goldberg


Analysis of sea surface sound speed near the Changjiang River mouth using passive microwave remote sensing

Bumjun Kil


Synthetic Satellite Imagery: A New Tool for GOES-R User Readiness and Cloud Forecast Visualization

Dan Lindsey, Louie Grasso & Dan Bikos



Improvements to SCaMPR Rainfall Rate Algorithm

Yan Hao, Robert J. Kuligowski & Yaping Li


Green Vegetation fraction derived from the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIISR) sensor onboard the SNPP satellite

Zhangyan Jiang, Marco Vargas, Junchang Ju & Ivan Csiszar


Two New Multi-Spectral Composite Satellite Products and their Use by NWS Alaska Region in Identifying Low Clouds and Fog

Eric Stevens, Kevin Fuell, Lori Schultz & Matt Smith


The Unique Radiometric Calibration Trending Behavior of the GOES Imagers and Sounders

Kenneth Mitchell, Merrisa Griffin & J. Paul Douglas


Stereo Cloud Top Height Products for the GOES-R Era

Houria Madani & James L. Carr


Overview of the Limb Imaging Spectrometer

Xiaohu Yang, Yu Huang & Shurong Wang


NOAA / NESDIS Operational  Air Quality Satellite Products

Liqun Ma, Hanjun Ding & Zhaohui Cheng


Use of NOAA Satellite Date by the Bahamian Meteorological Service

Gregory Gibson


Using the NOAA Unique CrIS/ATMS processing System (NUCAPS) to explore hyper-spectral sounding capabilities during extreme events: lessons learned from the CalWater 2015 campaign.

Antonia Gambacorta, Christopher Barnet & Mitchell Goldberg


Access to GOES-R Satellite Data and Products with McIDAS and Mobile Apps

D. Santek, R. Dengel, S. Batzli, D. Parker & N. Bearson


Python Access to Real-time and Archive Satellite Data

Jerrold Robaidek, Ray Garcia, Eva Schiffer, Dave Santek, Tommy Jasmin, Kevin Hallock & David Stettner


A CERES-Consistent Cloud Property Climate Data Record Using AVHRR Data

Patrick Minnis, Kristopher Bedka, David Doelling, Seiji Kato, Qing Trepte, Sarah Bedka, Benjamin Scarino, Chris Yost, Konstantin Khlopenkov, Gang Hong, Mandana Khaiyer, Rabindra Palikonda, Arun Gopalan, Rajendra Bhatt, Conor Haney, Alok Shrestha & Patrick Heck


A Land Product Characterization System for analysis and validation of ABI and VIIRS land data and products

Kevin Gallo, Calli Jenkerson, Steve Foga, Greg Stensaas & John Dwyer


NOAA Okeanos Ocean Color Operational Product System: A Newly Developed Web-based QA Monitoring Tool for Ocean Color Operational Products

Banghua Yan, Ian Simpson, Edmond Rodriguez, Derek Van Pelt & Antonio Irving


Operational Wind Products at NOAA/NESDIS

Hongming Qi, Jaime Daniels, Paul Chang, William Pennoyer, Andrew Bailey, Jeffrey Augenbaum & Yufeng Zhu


Ingest and Analysis of NPP-VIIRs data from the NOAA CLASS system: Radiometric Calibration, Bow Tie Correction and Derived Dataset support in the ENVI COTS Software

Greg Terrie, Patrick Collins, Robert Schafer & Amanda O'Connor


Using VIIRS DNB and OMI NO2 retrievals for constraining NOx Emissions

Brad Pierce


Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) CO2 Information Content and Retrieval Sensitivity Study

Cong Zhou, Nadia Smith & Hung-Lung Allen Huang


NOAA Soil Moisture Operational Product System (SMOPS): Version 2

Jicheng Liu, Christopher Hain, Zhengpeng Li, Li Fang, Jifu Yin, Xiwu Zhan & Limin Zhao


Development of surface reflectance ratios database for VIIRS AOT retrieval over land

Hai Zhang, Hongqing Liu, Shobha Kondragunta, Istvan Laszlo, Lorraine Remer, Jingfeng Huang & Stephen Superczynski


CSPP GEO GVAR data conversion for use in GOES-R algorithms

Scott Mindock,  Jessica Braun & Graeme Martin


Comparison of the NOAA NDE VIIRS and the NASA C6 MODIS Cloud Masks Over the Entire EOS AQUA Record.

Andrew K. Heidinger, Steven A. Ackerman, Denis Botambekov & Richard Frey


Better Weather Forecast using NOAA Satellite Data by National Meteorological Institute (INMET)

Alaor Moacyr Dall'Antonia Jr,  Wagner de Aragão Bezerra & Kleber Renato da Paixão Ataide


Recent additions to the Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP) from algorithm developers at NOAA

James E. Davies, Aronne Merrelli, Kathy Strabala, Liam Gumley, Allen Huang, Christopher Grassotti, Xiwu Zhan, Christopher Barnet, Thomas King, John D. Stroup & Yury Kihai.


Night Light Pollution in Large Coastal Urban Areas Through Nighttime DMSP Satellite Images

Carlos   Cotlier, Cristina Pacino, Benito Vicioso, Laura Barparda, Gabriel Cotlier, Diego López & Dardo Delorenzi


El Salvador Natural Phenomena Monitoring Stations with Satellite Communication

Edwin Escobar


ATMS/AMSU Snowfall Rates during the 2014-15 Winter Season

Huan Meng, Cezar Kongoli, Jun Dong, Ralph Ferraro & Bradley Zavodsky


Improvement of cloud detection with COMS in the day-night transition area

Byung-il Lee, Hyungmin Park & Sung-Rae Chung


Selenographic Coordinate Mapping of Lunar Observations by GOES Imager

Xi Shao, Xiangqian Wu & Fangfang Yu


Profiling Deep Cloud Systems with Satellite Imager Data and Potential Applications

William L. Smith Jr., Cecilia Fleeger, Douglas Spangenberg, Patrick Minnis & Mandana Khaiyer


Use of VIIRS RSBAutoCal in Calibration Monitoring and Direct Readout Support

Slawomir Blonski & Changyong Cao





GOES-R Atmospheric Motion Vectors Future Use in NCEP GFS

Sharon Nebuda, Jim Jung, Dave Santek, Jaime Daniels & Wayne Bresky


GOES-East satellite images processing in Uruguay and future perspectives

Rodrigo Alonso Suárez, Ricardo Siri, Nicolás Wainstein & Gonzalo Abal


S-NPP Operational Products at NOAA/NESDIS/OSPO

Shuang Qiu & Antonio Irving


JPSS SMD Data Capture and Processing & Distribution Hub Systems

Harek Gamst & Kenneth Pettersen


Integrated Satellite Network of the Direccion Meteorologica de Chile (DMC): Description, Available Products and Future Plans

Juan Pizarro


Status and future plan of development of meteorological products through Korean Geo-KOMPSAT-2A satellite

Sung-Rae Chung, Byung-il Lee, Tae-Myung Kim, Eun-Bin Park & Jae-Gwang Won


Not-So Silent Night:  Suomi NPP’s Day/Night Band Makes Waves as a Disruptive Technology to Characterization of the Nocturnal Environment

Steven Miller, William Straka III, Cindy Combs, Curtis Seaman & Jia Yue


Early Inter-sensor comparison result of Himawari-8 Advanced Baseline Imager with the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite

Mike Chu, Xiangqian Wu & Fangfang Yu


Monitoring of Forest Fire Hotspots

Jesús Romero



GEONETCast Américas, Costa Rica

Rodolfo            Sánchez


Verification of Soil moisture Estimations from AMSR-E and AMSR-2

Gloria Cristina Pujol


VIIRS Active Fires algorithm integration in NPP Data Exploitation (NDE) environment: research to operations

Marina Tsidulko, Walter Wolf, Ivan Csiszar, Louis Giglio & Wilfrid Schroeder



Quality Control of Requirement Documentation Using SASQUATCH (Simplified And Streamlined QUality Assurance Through Coding Help) Perl Script

Kay Kristina Sprietzer, Valerie Mikles, Bigyani Das, Weizhong Chen, Marina Tsidulko, Yunhui Zhao, Vipuli Dharmawardane & Qiang Zhao



Using Satellite Information in Energy Applications in Costa Rica

Evelyn  Quiros & N. Alvarado



Validation of Suomi NPP-VIIRS IST using IceBridge Measurements

Mark Tschudi, Richard Dworak, Yinghui Liu & Jeffrey Key


Alaska Direct Broadcast

Gwendolyn Bryson , Jay Cable, Jeremiah Dabney, Carl Dierking, Tom Heinrichs, Scott Macfarlane, Eric Stevens & Greg Wirth


Arctic Weather Every 10 Minutes:  Design and Operation of ABI for PCW

Paul Griffith & Susan Wirth


Monitoring Meteorological Data

Jorge Chira


Satellite Images:  Tools for an Efficient and Timely Early Alert System

Francisco Argeñal



Investments and Preparations for GOES-R in Costa Rica

Eladio Solano


OMPS Limb Profiler Aerosol Extinction Algorithm Development

Robert  Loughman, Ernest Nyaku, P.K. Bhartia & Nick Gorkavyi


Use of GEONETCast Americas by the Belize Meteorological Service

Dwayne Scott


Low Cost NOAA Satellite Signal Receiver for the Characterization of Astronomical Sites

Gary Flores, Ericson Lopez, Luis Tituaña, Edwin Mena, Daniel Vera & Enrique Lascano


Suomi NPP CrIS and Metop IASI Sounding Validation

William L. Smith Sr., Allen Larar, Henry Revercomb, Elisabeth Weisz & Joseph Taylor